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Born in 2010, Barracuda Labs specializes in the implementation and development of cutting-edge technology for the creation of Web applications and applications for mobile devices.

Our team consists of experienced engineers in the development of Web applications and possesses vast business knowledge and its proper administration via the Internet. This allows them to anticipate the new market trends in technology, and match them up with the business needs of each of our clients.

We are part of the Microsoft BizSpark Startup program which provides access to the latest software and tools to build apps, new technology to get in the cloud, and a network of 100,000 start-ups sharing knowledge and innovation.

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Research and Analysis

Our team of experts will find the best solution to simplify your business processes and problem solving capabilities within your company. Through a thorough research and a meticulous analysis, we will select the technology that best aligns with your specific requirements. This will allow your business to reach its objectives more efficiently and reliably.


Implementation of New Technologies

If you’re looking for your business to adopt new technologies, let our team of experts help you develop and implement them. We will conduct research of your business needs in order to come up with a unique development proposal that will optimize the operating processes of your business, and will achieve a better User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) for your customers.

We will then implement the technologies outlined in the proposal, teach you how to use them, and demonstrate their benefits obtained by them.



Do you need to complete a task or project, but require additional human capital or expertise? We provide the necessary support in order to complete your projects or help with the growth of your company.

At Barracuda Labs we have a talented and highly qualified staff that is ready to provide ongoing coaching and support so that your tasks are completed successfully. Our team of professionals undergoes monthly up-training in order to provide better service, and achieve a higher satisfaction level in your customers.


Consulting to Seize the Benefits of New Technologies

If your business is undergoing constant growth but the technological tools you have in place are slowing you down, we have the solution for this disparity. Our consultants are committed to ensure you achieve your objectives through the use of new technologies, selecting the solution that best improves your business processes and results. We aim to turn technology into your best ally.



Web Development

Our experts will develop Web applications that are cross-platform, creative and functional for the various business processes in your company, taking advantage of the most modern technologies and improving UI/UX.
We will conduct a requirement elicitation procedure and analysis in order to define the functional needs of your business and the graphic interface for the development of your website or mobile application.


Web Marketing

Our professionals will create a Digital Marketing strategy that will attract new clients from the moment it is launched. Through extensive market research we will determine the best strategies that will lead to efficient on-line publicity with personalized campaigns that adjust to your budget.
We complement our Web Marketing service by monitoring the results of your campaign and providing monthly reports to measure the impact on your target market, and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the constant growth of your campaign.


Web Design

An expert creative team will provide comprehensive services that include the research, planning and design of your website, as well as the implementation of new technologies to reach your business objectives. Our team of designers, developers, copywriters and SEO experts will make your website a successful one.
Our task consists in analyzing, programming and conveying visual communications that transmit a clear, well-defined message that improve business processes and user experience.


Web Hosting

When you hire our Cloud hosting services, your information will be safeguarded and available 24/7 in a safe and functional way thanks to our partnership with Rackspace. We guarantee that your website will be always online regardless of any extraordinary circumstances so that you never suffer from data loss.
In order to publish a website online you need a domain name – the name by which your website will be located on the web. We will help you find and register the most appropriate one. In addition, we create personalized Email accounts using your domain name.



Internet of Things

We implement new technologies in order to control your surroundings by means of the Internet. This allows the different objects around you to be connected and monitored at all times through any device. This brings great benefits such as lightening your work load, optimizing your time, and reducing the risks associated with not having access to timely information when you need it.

Enhancing the benefits of the things that surround you is the goal of “Internet of Things”, and we are here to lead you through this change.